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Transfer your critical applications and data to Umniah’s Tier III Data Center

Smart data needs smart management. We know your business needs optimal management to keep your data, files and applications running smoothly and securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Optimal capacity and space planning

The best data centers are designed to achieve optimal capacity and space planning. Umniah Data Center offers the most space, storage and networking power. By increasing the number of servers per rack, Umniah Data Center reduces the number of racks and power circuits, which in turn reduces costs and allows for more space - an added benefit for the client.

Scalability and flexibility

Umniah Data Center provides a flexible infrastructure that can support simple and quick upgrades and sustain rapid growth in performance. Our data center also offers on-demand upgrade services that make it simple to create and scale applications, so your business can easily meet enterprise requirements for data security and sovereignty.


Well-documented methods and procedures play a key role in ensuring the multi-level security of facilities by preventing unauthorized access. Umniah offers one of the most secure data centers in the world with a robust building construction, perimeter protection, secure caged environments, and other control measures, including access codes, biometrics, and 24/7 video surveillance.

Power and cooling efficiency

The correct power and cooling infrastructure can make a big difference for a data center. Umniah Data Center employs a variety of methods to manage hot aisle/cold aisle architecture, reduce power consumption for cooling, provide the ability to store equipment together more densely, and increase the lifespan of all data center components by assuring air temperatures are within standards.

Our DataCenter

Umniah Datacenter is a state of the art Tier III design and facility certified that is located in the center of Amman and connected to 4 other Datacenters to ensure the high availability and has a direct connection with the Tier I Internet providers. Umniah Datacenter enables latest technologies and complies with the international standards, it uses a power management system, which facilitates full redundant power source generation. The facility comes with an advanced fire suppression and top of the line 24x7 CCTV monitoring systems. Furthermore, the data center cooling system is redundant with temperature and humidity control.

What you get with Umniah Data Center

Frequently Asked Questions

A data center is a facility that stores and manages a company’s operations, data and equipment. In other words, a data center provides a physical space that customers can rent, at a convenient cost, to house and access their servers and data remotely.

With a vision to deliver a fully-integrated data center infrastructure, Umniah has been servicing companies in Jordan and beyond with cost-effective and reliable data center services since 2005. Umniah Data Center has already received two international awards, the Information Security Management Systems (ISO27001) certification and the Tier III certification for design and constructed facility of data centers worldwide.

A data center is identified through a four-tier system that is based on its infrastructure, design, and level of service. Tier I and II data centers are the simplest of tiers, typically used by small businesses that do not require a lot of data. The next levels are Tier III and IV, with a more advanced and sophisticated infrastructure, and multiple power sources. Umniah provides a Tier III data center. A simple way to define a Tier III facility is through its disaster recovery protection. Simply put, a Tier III data center prevents a glitch in operation at all times, and keeps the data center running smoothly in the case of power loss or shortage.

Umniah Data Center received the Tier III Data Center classification certificate by the Uptime Institute, a renowned international organization, for the design, building and operating of effective data centers around the world. This is testimony to the reliability, high availability and continued operation of our data center with numbers reaching 99.982%, allowing clients to reduce operational costs, increase the productivity and efficiency of their operations and focus on their core operations, while maintaining data integrity and confidentiality.

With the constant surge in data and information and the growing demand for ideal physical spaces and processing power, organizations of all sizes - small, medium and large - can use Umniah Tier III Data Center. It is in fact the ideal choice to protect data and systems in a safe, secure, and reliable environment that is continuously being developed. Large organizations that generate and use data for sensitive sectors such as telecommunications, government, education, and financial services can depend on Umniah Tier III Data Center for optimal security and business continuity.


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